your success is our goal
Our Belief

The teachers are providing an education program broad and varied enough to facilitate learning for students of different disabilities.

Highly qualified and trained teachers provide instruction that is correlated with Tennessee state mandates.

Students are given appropriate educational experiences to achieve success in the required assessments.

Teachers, students, parents and other community members are involved in the decision-making process.

Teachers, students, parents, and other community members are involved in the policy-making process.

Our Mission

Cornersville Middle School Students will complete requirements to be promoted to high school Cornersville High School Students will successfully complete all requirements to earn a high school diploma in a timely manner for postsecondary success.

History of Cornersville High School

Formal education in Cornersville, Tennessee, has a history of more than 140 years. One of the first schools was in a building constructed of logs with a puncheon floor and hewn logs for seats. In 1854, Cornersville Institute was housed in a one-room building where parents supplied the financial support. A building erected in 1856, on the site of the present school, housed the Institute on the lower floor and the Odd Fellows Hall on the upper. The Presbyterian Church ran the school as a denominational institution from 1893 to 1896 when it was turned back to the people of Cornersville. In 1919, the school was deeded to Marshall County, and a series of buildings followed.

The school that most of today's residents remember was built in 1936 and stood nearly fifty years before its destruction in 1982. Additions to that building included a gymnasium in 1958 and the science and agricultural building in 1965. The current building opened in 1981 with the second phase including the theater, offices, library, consumer sciences and business lab opening in 1987. In 1995, there were nine additional classrooms built to house the high school program. Also, a field house, which includes a weight room, was built for the use of all sports programs along with an adjoining playroom for elementary P.E. was opened in 1990.

Construction was completed on a new high school gymnasium on the present campus in January of 2002. An elementary school (K-6) was constructed approximately two miles north of our current campus. The new school opened in August 2002. The new facility alleviated the overcrowded conditions and will accommodate future growth and development. The present Cornersville School building houses grades 7 - 12.


All students, including special education students, will have a 90-93% success rate for the End of Course tests.

Cornersville High School will have a graduation rate that exceeds the state requirements.

The number of teachers will be adequate to meet all educational goals.